Reporting adult and/or child abuse procedures online have changed.

The phone number to report abuse is 1-800-252-5400 (Dept of Family and Protective Services). You must always report abuse or endangerment to law enforcement.

There is still an online form but a short registration sequence is required. Reporting online may take up to 24 hours to process so if you feel it is a matter that requires more urgent attention you should call the number above. The website is only for reporting situations that do not require an emergency response. An emergency is a situation where a child, adult with disabilities, or person who is elderly faces an immediate risk of abuse or neglect that could result in death or serious harm.

If you are comfortable reporting online, follow this procedure:

If you have registered before, simply "Log In". If this is your first time reporting under the new online procedures, go to and click on the "Create an Account" button located in the upper left corner of that page. A new registration page will open with some instructions and a form that looks like the one below.

The password requirements are some of the most secure I've ever had to use to create any kind of account with. You have to choose a parameter from each of the 4 categories and it must be a total of at least 7 characters long.

Once you complete the registration, you confirm your information and then navigate to the actual reporting form from the left side of the web page.